• „Hesitate” or Don‘t hesitate!

    April 2018

    On the occasion of the Piano Day 2018, Karl Thesing created in corporation with Chris Piotrowicz (videography) and Benedikt Ernst (photography), a music video that shows an old piano offering more than just music. Unconventional and following the motto: „create something new out of old!“ Thesing takes care of an old, no more restorable piano, elicits it the last bit of work and gives it a second future bevor its disposal. The piano, that once painted sound images in the heads of its listeners, now paints for the eyes. "Hesitate" gives a small "preview" on the new album of Karl Thesing. The music recordings took place on a Schimmel piano.

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    Music China 2017

    11.-14. October 2017, Booth E1B12

    The opening of Music China 2017 is approaching and preparations are in full swing. As before, you will find us in E1B12. We kindly ask you to make an appointment with us so we will surely have enough time for talks and discussions. Thank you.

    We cordially invite you to come and visit us at Music China 2017. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

    The „Voice of Germany“ goes into next round!

    October 2016

    Although some jury members were appointed newly, it was clear with no doubt: Schimmel will remain in the show! All activities at „E-Werk Berlin“ will be accompanied by a white Schimmel grand piano.

    We wish all talents good luck!


    Invitation to Music China 2016

    26. – 29. October 2016, Booth E1B12

    Intensive preparations for Music China 2016, which goes from October 26th to 29th, 2016, are in full swing. Most of our models will be presented in white color and chrome parts to give our valued dealers the opportunity to see how our models look in white color in contrast to a piano-world dominated of mostly black finishes.

    You will find us in E1B12. We kindly ask you to make an appointment with us to ensure that we will have enough time for you.

    The Schimmel Team is looking forward to seeing you at Music China 2016!

    Review Musikmesse Frankfurt

    18 April 2016

    Light, modern, friendly. That was the topic of our presence at Musikmesse Frankfurt from 7th to 10th April this year. The reaction to the bright shining booth decorated with white polished instruments was extremely well-received with dealers as well as many private clients.

    With the launch of our new model and smallest Schimmel grand piano, the International 168 Tradition, we attracted great interest. The expansion of the public days during the whole exhibition time found encouragement, but also increased the high level of noise in the halls, impairing communication and the ability to hear the instruments being played and tested.

    NEW: Schimmel I 168 Tradition

    18 April 2016

    With the creation of the model I 168 Tradition we are proud to present our smallest Schimmel grand piano. This small space-saving miracle represents a great price/performance ratio. Without compromise, this grand piano offers the ideal touch through the integration of the bigger Konzert grand action and enables the pianist to play even the greatest works of piano repertoire. By the use of the Konzert Concept, the I 168 is a giant among smaller-sized grand pianos. Through the enlargement of the soundboard at the sides of the grand piano and the transfer of the design in the middle and treble sections from our full size concert grand piano K 280, it achieves an extremely wide dynamic range. With this patented concept, we successfully break with the conventional tradition of piano making in a unique way.

    Schimmel at BBC "The Voice"

    15 April 2016

    The Voice, now its fifth series, continues to attract substantial numbers of viewers. our british dealer „Peregrine's Pianos“ supplied a Schimmel Classic169 Tradtion grand again and have received compliments both at how it sounds and how it looks.

    Schimmel trains English piano technicians

    29 March 2016

    The Schimmel Academy for Technicians has trained 18 piano technicians in cooperation with the "Pianoforte Tuner´s Association" and "Forsyth" in the field of grand piano damper regulation. During the seminar, which was hold with the outstanding support from Schimmels exclusive English importer Forsyth in Manchester, technicians could learn the necessary theory and had opportunity to put hands on at Schimmel grand pianos to train what they learned. The association commented: "...they learned so much because they had the opportunity to try out the process of damper regulation at the time of instruction and with such expert supervision. Some Members said that it has been the best ever training day that we have had". We would like to thank the English Pianoforte Tuner´s Association as well as Emma and Simon Loat from Forsyth in Manchester for their outstanding support to make this seminar happen, and will continue technical trainings to ensure that technicians will serve discriminating Schimmel customers around the world in the best way.

    Schimmel at Musikmesse Frankfurt

    Once again we are looking forward to represent us at Musikmesse Frankfurt, which goes from April 7th to 10th, 2016, Forum 9, booth F20. We decided for a bright and friendly colour scheme and will present most of our models in white color and chrome parts. Furthermore, there will be a small launch of our International grand piano models. Small but stunning!

    Open day at Schimmel

    8 March 2016

    As part of the festival "Tastentaumel 2016“, Schimmel opened the doors of its factory last Saturday, March 5h, and gave people a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes. During an one-hour guided tour the visitors were able to look over the piano builders shoulders and experience how pianos are build tenderly by hand. With about 500 satisfied visitors the day was a total success for everybody.

    Five Schimmel apprentices are real piano makers now

    1 February 2016

    On January 21, the IHK final exams for apprentices pianomakers took place at Schimmel Pianos. All five students of the fourth academic year of Schimmel have successfully completed their training and thus paved the way into an exciting career. We wish them much success for the future.

    First Schimmel Centre opens in Tokyo

    20 January 2016

    After the appointment of a new Schimmel importer for the country of Japan a year ago, just before Christmas the first "Schimmel Centre Musashi Gakki" opens in Tokyo its doors to the public. The newly designed showroom is made to measure for Japanese customer needs. In addition to the outstanding and extraordinary tasteful design, the acoustics of the room are built to the highest standards. Besides a big selection of Schimmel Instruments the building includes a service workshop. Furthermore the showroom hosts easily up to 70 people for concert events. For the grand opening of "Schimmel Centre Musashi Gakki", dealers and service technicians were invited who count to the Schimmel network in the greater area of Tokyo. In the occasion of the grand opening, seminars around the brand Schimmel were hold and in the end the qualities of Schimmel instruments were demonstrated in an impressive concert by the Japanese pianist. Schimmel congratulates Musashi Gakki for the grand opening of the Schimmel Centre!

    Trio Elegiaco with Schimmel at Rhinegold Live Performance

    10 January 2016

    Pianist John Paul Ekins of Rio Elegiaco performed on a Schimmel grand piano K 230 at Rhinegold Live Performance. It was a very exciting concert indeed and John Paul Ekins had good comments about the instrument and said “thanks once again for providing that stunning Schimmel piano for last night's concert at Conway Hall - it produced a wonderfully dulcet tone and afforded me so many colours and textural options. Mechanically it was so easy to play - essential in that behemoth of a work! The instrument and service was provided by Schimmel piano dealer “Pelegrines” in London.

    The masters of good tone

    18 November 2015

    The piano craftsmen at Schimmel who employ their entire range of experience and commitment to enable both vertical pianos and grand pianos to develop their natural tonal volume, allow great compositions to be performed with appropriate tonal strength and permit pianists to display their virtuosity. This enthusiasm for craftsmanship is taught to our piano maker apprentices from the beginning. For over 60 years Schimmel has been the largest company training centre for young piano makers.

    A great example is Philipp Otterstein, piano maker apprentice in his third year. Beyond his job, he loves it to spend his free time at Schimmel acting on his passion for pianos. He taught himself to play. In the video attached you see one of his improvisations accentuated with the beauty of Braunschweig, the home town of our instruments.

    Technician Workshop in Shanghai

    Apprenticeship has a long tradition at Schimmel. Only great piano makers are able to produce the high level instruments and offer excellent service for customers. So, we at Schimmel ensure that our instruments maintain their value and the customer’s joy of playing. The Schimmel academy was founded in the 1950s where hundreds of technicians have been trained ever since. Since Schimmel entered the market in China we also started to regularly train the Chinese piano makers on site, so that the instruments sold in China are properly maintained. Recently a workshop for 12 chosen technicians took place over five days in the flagship store in Shanghai.

    Schimmel again conforms BVK certification

    After two years our BVK Certification expired and came up for renewal. The „Bundesverband Klavier” and the “German Chamber Network” offer a certificate that guarantees a liability to the manufacturing location – an essential decision support for clients. We are proud for having received the certification for another two years for our Schimmel and Wilhelm instruments. Not all competitors were able to meet the strict criteria. Hence the circle of German producing piano manufacturers stays for 100% exclusive.

    APTTA convention in Perth, Australia

    25 October 2015

    From 20th–23rd October, the biennial convention of the Australian Piano Technician Association, the “Australian Piano Tuners and Technician Association“ (APTTA), took place in Perth. With over 80 participants, the meeting was very well attended and was filled with many guests and exhibitors and included interesting technical contributions. Schimmel presented the Schimmel Konzert Concept, featuring a unique individual construction, which generated great interest. A selection of Schimmel instruments were shown, so the participants were directly able to experience the excellent Schimmel quality. Especially the model K 219 won praises. The congress was supported by the Australian Schimmel importer „Musico“, who took care of the technicians and the instruments with a great team.

    Schimmel at Music China

    29 October 2015

    Once again, this year Schimmel was represented with its corporation partner at the Music China, Shanghai, one of the world biggest music exhibitions. The highlight was the 130 anniversary which was extensively celebrated with all Chinese dealers. Despite the difficult development in China 2015 (stock market crisis, slow expansion), this year generated the highest visitor presence since 10 years. Thus Schimmel could finalise the event with full order books and was able to hold its own in a difficult market environment.

    Schimmel Pianos at NDR TV show

    13 October 2015

    As part of the NDR „DAS!“-TV show, the NDR included a segment about Schimmel last Friday. Featured were behind-the-scenes look at manufacturing as well as the Schimmel history with its most important milestones. Frequently awarded Jazz pianist, Michael Wollny, was a guest on the show. He is famous for using more than just the keys on a piano to produce great sounds. He also learned to play the piano in his childhood on a Schimmel grand piano in his parents' house.

    NDR-Report (bei ca. Min 4:00)


    Maidstone Symphony Orchestra –

    Taek-Gi Lee spielt Schimmel K280

    11 October 2015

    An ambitious and meaty Russian programme, comprising three works, got the first concert of the Maidstone Symphony Orchestra season off to a resounding start. The star of the night was the awarded pianist Taek-Gi Lee, who amazed his ordinance with the Rachmaninov third piano concerto. With lightness and notorious dramaturgy the just 19 year old proved an extraordinary mature. Born in Seoul, South Korea, studied in New York, he lives in Connecticut, USA. He was deeply impressed by the nearness to his ordinance during the concert. The Schimmel K280, offered by Peregrine Pianos, provided the perfect medium for his great performance. He thought the piano was fantastic and wanted to take it home.

    Artur Pizarro plays Schimmel K230 at Rhinegold LIVE

    29 September 2015

    In a programme entitled ‘Songs My Grandmother Taught Me’, renowned Portuguese pianist Artur Pizarro took to the Rhinegold LIVE stage for a journey of best-loved piano works documenting the story of his grandmother and first musical mentor Berta da Nóbrega. Introducing the concert, Artur said "this programme is as much an homage to my grandmother and her songbook as it is a journey back to my childhood, remembering all those wonderful times!" The concert was played on a Schimmel K 230 which was provide and serviced by Schimmel Partner in London “Peregrine Pianos”.

    More information:



    Acrylic Grand Piano masters extreme assignment

    1 September 2015

    I thought: „That’s insane, it’s not going to work!“ For many years the famous „Eisklang Konzerte“ in the “Dachstein Rieseneishöhle” in “Obertraun am Hallstättersee”, Austria, took place. Although the conditions weren’t the easiest, a Schimmel Acrylic Grand Piano, belonging to the “Landesmusikschule Bad Goisern”, was offered to the concert series for a whole month. It was an instrument that integrated excellently into this special atmosphere.

    In spite of his scepticism in advance, the piano technician Walter Bittner from Salzburg, who took care of the piano during the concert series mastered the challenge perfectly: „This instrument is possibly the best suitable piano for these extreme conditions.“

    Schimmel grand at the train station in Oslo

    27 August 2015

    Train station Oslo, Norway:

    Bustling crowds, rolling luggage, stressed faces. Right in the center of it all the soft sounds of a polished black Schimmel grand piano are heard. A boy who is approximately 10 years old sits at the instrument. His small deft fingers dance above the keys playing a Chopin Waltz. All eyes are fixed on him, many people stop and listen. After the last chord he closes the piano lid and disappears as fast as he came. People clap their hands in amazement.

    The piano is part of the project Parkert Piano“ of the JM Norwway, the Norwegian session of the Jeunesse Musicales International (JMI), the world biggest network for young musicians. The grand piano is offered to the public to bring music-making closer to people. An important aspect is to break down the barriers between the audience and the pianist on the stage so that everyone could feel invited to try to play on the instrument. The project was met with immediate approval by the audience as well as the press. After just 24 hours the project had 7.000 followers on Facebook. The instrument was chosen directly in the Schimmel Piano factory in Braunschweig and was placed by our partner Aspheim in Oslo.

    More information

    Chinese dealers visited Schimmel

    12 July 2015

    A selected group of 11 Chinese dealers had the great opportunity to visit the Schimmel manufacture, to learn details about the Schimmel instruments and to experience the German culture. Organised in cooperation with the Chinese importer Acton the trip included besides Braunschweig, Berlin, Rothenburg, Munich and the Bavarian Forest. In the Bavarian Forest the dealers were able to convince themselves of the exclusive wood quality Schimmel uses for their soundboards.

    130 years Schimmel Pianos

    „I was so proud to rent my first own workshop. A tiny room with two windows in the front.“ With his first workshop in Leipzig, with a size of just about 13qm, Wilhelm Schimmel laid the foundation stone for an unimagined success story.

    Since then it has grown to the biggest family managed German manufacturer of pianos which has been established in a worldwide market. Since the founding, values like innovation, craftsmanship and tradition are the centre of activity. Whether with the creation of a small piano without back posts and a newly designed action, the legendary Schimmel K 213 Plexiglas, or the launch of the Schimmel Konzert Concept, Schimmel always worked on creating a family of grand and upright pianos which is ever more resonant, aesthetic and astonishing.

    We are pleased to celebrate our 130-anniversary and look forward with confidence and joy.

    Award for C116 Tradition

    7 July 2015

    Our most favourite upright piano, C116 Tradition, has been awarded by the French magazine Pianiste. The „Maestro-Award“ is the last in a series of awards the C116 achieved for its musical quality and its good value. Consequently, the C116 is not only the most played German Piano but also the most awarded German piano model.

    Schimmel C120 Elegance Manhattan for Sint Niklaas Krankenhaus, Belgium

    6 July 2015

    Sokrates already observed: „Musical education is the most important part. Rhythm and harmony invade most deeply into the soul, giving it an elegant, characterful attitude.”

    This statement is still relevant for us. Schimmel has been supporting the promotion of people through music for many decades.

    For this reason, we are pleased that the Belgian hospital Sint Niklaas, which advocates by a collaboration of psychologists and doctors for music therapy needy people, has recently decided to purchase a mold C120 Elegance Manhattan. We are proud to be able to help in that way.

    Success on a full scale–
    The 3rd Schimmel Piano Competition NRW

    8 June 2015

    On June 6/7, 2015 the 3rd Schimmel Piano Competition NRW took place at „Haus der Klaviere Gottschling“. About 40 competitors in the age between 8 and 19 years from Nordrhein Westfalen showed their remarkable pianistic abilities and underlined the high level oft he foreign years. Andreas Lobisch, the artistic director of the competition, was very satisfied with the tenor of the event and pointed out that the competition with its focus on classical music has been established within the musical youth education. Headed by Prof Gregor Weichert the professional jury awarded: twice the mainprize “Gold” (Anna Karacsonyi, 12 years from Marl und Jean Chu, 16 years from Aachen) and seven times the mainprize “Silver” (Ramin Nashir, 8 years from Dorsten, Lisa Itakura, 9 years from Düsseldorf, Tin Yu Li, 10 years and Jingqi Katharina Xie, 12 years, Michelle Woo, 12 years from Bonn, Antonia Koch, 16 years from Bochum und Jana Karaveinikowa, 14 years from Düsseldorf), as well as many special prizes. The prizewinners' concert will take place on June 14, 2015 at 4 pm at “Haus der Klaviere Gottschling”.

    -> Download winner list

    -> Download programme prizewinners' concert

    Outstanding concert:
    Alexandra Dariescu plays on the Schimmel K280

    17 May 2015

    "Tonight was awesome! Standing ovation […] and sold out CDs… .“, Alexandra Dariescu is reporting on Facebook right after her concert. On May 16, 2015 the highly acclaimed Romanian pianist performed on the Schimmel K280, supplied by Peregrine's Pianos, the Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto in Maidstone, England. She was accompanied by the Maidstone Symphony Orchestra – one of the UK’s finest "community" orchestras.

    More information: www.peregrines-pianos.com/news

    Schimmel K230 LIVE in London

    7 May 2015

    With a voice that 'combines pinpoint purity with an engaging warmth and beauty' (Opera Now, April 2015). TheBritish soprano Carolyn Sampson officially launched her debut solo recital disc ‘Fleurs’ at April’s Rhinegold LIVE in London. Her interpretations of early music were accompanied by the pianist Joseph Middleton playing on the Schimmel grand piano K230 Tradition, supplied by Peregrine Pianos. Rhinegold LIVE is a concert series which aims to offer a unique and informal take on the classical recital experience which is aligned twice a month in the Conway Hall in London. Each 50-minute recital is followed by an informal Q&A with the artist(s) and a Rhinegold editor while drinking a glass of wine.

    More information: www.rhinegold.co.uk/live/

    Mehr Informationen finden Sie unter: www.rhinegold.co.uk/live/

    Madame Tussauds: Wax figur of Udo Jürgens in Berlin

    5 May 2015

    Just three months after the sudden death of Udo Jürgens his German fans had the opportunity to honor him again. In the past two months his wax figure stood at Madame Tussauds in Berlin. Unlike at its usual location in Vienna, the artist posed at the original Schimmel Glas grand piano that accompanied him many years on his concert tours.

    Sabel Coperation in China

    1. Februar 2015

    The Sabel factory was founded in Switzerland. In 1779, Sabel became a Schimmel family brand that Erna Schimmel-Maurhofer, born in Switzerland, brought into the Schimmel Family. Since then the brand Sabel belongs to Schimmel. Sabel instruments are made in Europe for selected markets in Europe and in China. In addition to customers for high quality German instruments, the goals is to achieve customer groups for the entry-level segment.

    Schimmel Concert Tour in China with Roman Rofalski

    27 January 2015

    Recently the Jazz pianist Roman Rofalski concerted for Schimmel Pianos in China. The concert tour went through five cities: Hebei Shijiazhuang, Liaoning Province, Dalian, Sichuan Chendu, GuangZhou ShenZhen. With a perfect combination of classical and jazz music, he inspired the enthusiastic audience.


    Schimmel Piano Competition NRW 2015

    9. Januar 2015

    The Schimmel piano competition represents a new opportunity. It was conceived by successful and experienced pianists and piano teachers and has elements that distinguish it from other competitions. To keep alive the Vienna Classic by young musicians, the event demands a slow movement from this era as a central piece of repertoire accenting the creative power of the players. This part is mainly aimed at players whose virtuosity can make a convincing musical statement. The jury is composed of judges from universities / colleges of music, from the field of youth education (music school, piano teachers) and the German trade press from the full range of educational training pathways, thus having competence in dealing with all ages. It is complemented by "non-specialist" musicians (no pianists / piano teachers), which enriches the jury with the perscpective of a "non-pianist" musician. Jury members are Prof. Gregor Weichert (Vorsitz), Prof Wolfgang Mechsner, Annette Strootmann, Andreas Lobisch (artistic leader), Carsten Dürer.

    Deadline: 22. April 2015

    More information

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    NDR documentation about Schimmel

    5. Januar 2015

    „Made in northern Germany“

    Since 130 years the traditional company manufacturers grand and upright pianos and is still under family management. It is a craft of old school that piano manufacturers, carpenter, locksmith and wood technicians has to master. You can feel the attention to details everywhere. Many musicians swear by the quality from Lower Saxony, including the jungle doctor Albert Schweitzer, who got delivered a topicalized piano to Africa or Udo Jürgens, who became famous by the Schimmel acrylic grand piano. The star in this film tells the special relationship with his pianos of Schimmel. A film by Heinrich Bill Stein.

    More information

    Mehr Informationen finden Sie hier.

    „The world needs music“

    22 December 2014

    Udo Jürgens has dedicated his life to that statement. His songs excited millions of people from all over the world. With his lyrics, he touched the hearts of the people. When he sang about hope, worries and fears, the contents of his songs enriched and pleased his audience. We at Schimmel always profited from Udo Jürgens, respected his lifetime of work and are happy that we were able to join him with our instruments over decades. Firstly, on the Jungfraujoch-Gletscher in the Alps of Switzerland, and since then in different concert halls and gala performances in Europe and overseas. Now we look back in deep mourning on shared paths and personal meetings. We are full of respect, honor, and the deep conviction that: The world needs music from Udo Jürgens!

    Schimmel donates a surreal Grand Piano to the Dali Museum Berlin

    18 December 2014

    To honor the 25th anniversary since the passing of the surrealist Salvador Dali, the Schimmel Piano Company offers a specially customized grand piano to the museum „Dali – The Exhibition at Potsdamer Platz“. Following the examples of his work and in his spirit, this inspired installation was realized in form of a grand piano, hoovering on water with a cypress tree right next to a flowing spring. The piano has been shown in the lobby of the Dali Museum since the 18th of December 2014. Carsten Kollmeier, Director of the Dali Museum, is pleased: „We thank the Wilhelm Schimmel Pianofortefabrik GmbH for this great support. The comprehensive preparation and execution of this homage, is a symbol for Dalis work and his affinity for music and presents, in a fascinating way, how Dali’s work connects art and art enthusiasts. Now we are looking forward to seeing how visitors from all over the world will enjoy this moving subject.“

    More information: www.daliberlin.de