• The relationship between pianist and instrument is unique, just like the music which arises from this relationship. What artists say about Schimmel.

    Gesa Lücker
    „Schimmel instruments possess personality“

    Gabriele Leporatti
    „It was a great pleasure to play tonight on this fantastic piano. It really was a great evening“

    Schimmel Owner

    Finally I tried out the Schimmel K-125T. At that moment it was as if the heavens opened and a ray of joy beamed down to me. I knew this piano was meant for me. I can't explain it any other way. The connection was there. I have since come to realize what special pianos they are. My K-125T has brought me a lot of happiness! Thank you for making pianos with personality.

    Ann B.

    Portland, OR

    Otto Wolters
    “It is only possible to perform excellent work with excellent tools. Thanks for many concerts on Schimmel instruments!”

    Udo Jürgens
    „My Schimmel, a grand which takes me off. Thank you in friendship.“

    Ratko Delorko
    “To the one who listens to music, the magic of a wonderful world reveals itself. And to the one who devotes him – or herself to the sound of this Schimmel grand, the richness of piano sound refeals itself.

    Prince and his Pegasus grand piano

    Schimmel Owner

    I want to thank you for such a beautiful instrument. The voicing, and expressiveness is such a pleasure that I find myself thinking of nothing but playing my Schimmel. My job is highly stressful since I work with disabled children. My ability to relax and not think about my job for a few hours is due to your wonderful piano.

    Thank you, and God bless your staff who made my life better because of their dedication to perfection.

    Alan S., USA

  • For us at Schimmel, it is the most beautiful recognition of our quality work when pianists bring our instruments to life, for example in concert, on audio productions or in the occasion of other events.
    The music played on our instruments is just as varied and colorful as the world of artists.

    Liu Shikun, Shanghai
    on a K 213 Glas

    Kevin Kanisius Suherman

    Lionel Richie, USA

    Roger Cicero, Deutschland
    Konzerttournee CICERO SINGS SINATRA, the 100. Birthday of Frank Sinatra

    Toby Allen
    Grand Opening L'Hotel Elan on a K 213 Glas

    Harvard Gimse, Litauen
    Musicfestival Liepoja on a K280

    Barbara Schöneberger, Germany

    Wu Muye, China
    National Opera in Beijing on a K280T

    Aga Kong, „Ginadoll Concert Live“, Hong Kong
    Aga Kong during Ginadoll Concert at Macpherson Stadium on a K 213 Glas.

    Younee, Germany
    Concert with own compositions from her Album „My Piano”

    „160 Jahre Jubiläum Klavier in Kalisz“, Polen
    On the occasion of the 160th anniversary of the piano technician school in Kalisz, Poland, a concert on 21 grand pianos was performed..

    Tra Nguyen, Vietnam
    was awarded with the ARAM (Associate oft he Royal Academy of Music) for „significant contribution tot he music profession“. Here she played on a K 230 in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

    John Lill, England
    performing Beethoven´s stormy Piano Concerto No. 3 in Minor.

    Roman Rofalksi, China
    on K 213 Glas in Shanghai, China

    Janice Weber, USA
    with Waltham Symphony Orchestra on a K 280.

    Michel Camilo, Italien
    Val Tidone Music Festival uses Schimmel exclusively for their compentition and their music festival.

    Raimond Pauls, Lettland

    Vivian Chow, Hong Kong

    Bodo Wartke, Deutschland
    Concert Tour „Swingende Notwendigkeit“

  • Schimmel upright and grand pianos belong to the small and exclusive circle of premium pianos of outstanding quality truely „Made in Germany“.
    This is world-wide recognized, whether in the numerous music schools, colleges and university, or at exquisite hotels, yachts or other unique places.

    Tianjin Conservatory of Music, Beijing
    Boston Ballet, Boston USA
    EUROB Waldorfschule Bozen, Bozen
    Musikschule Brixen, Brixen
    Sozialwissenschaftliches Gymnasium Brixen, Brixen
    Musikschule Bruneck, Bruneck
    Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles, Bruxelles

    Dali Museum, Berlin

    Kings College, Cambridge

    Tiffanys, Canada

    Palace Villa, China

    Voice of Germany, Germany

    Hochschule für Musik & Theater, Hannover
    Residence Hotel Vroni, Kastelruth
    Oper Leipzig, Leipzig
    Guildhall School of Music,London
    English National Ballet, London
    Musikschule in Lunel ( Raum Montpellier)

    ARUP, London

    Opéra de Marseille, Marseille
    Musikschule Meran, Meran

    Private Home, Macau

    Sheraton Hotel, Moskau

    Motown Records, New York
    Mercury Records, New York
    Conservatoire de Paris, Paris

    Schloss Rundale, Rundale

    Musikschule Sterzing, Sterzing
    Conservatoire de Strasbourg, Strasbourg
    Musikschule Taufers/Ahrtal, Taufers-Ahrtal
    Toronto Symphonic Orchsestra, Toronto
    Musikschule Villnöss, Villnöss
    University of York, York

    Shopping Mall, Shanghai