• Products made in Germany have an excellent international reputation. This is because German products, like Schimmel upright and grand pianos, stand for the art of engineering as well as innovation, design, craftsmanship and, of course, reliability – in short, quality that people trust in worldwide. Unfortunately, there are some Piano brands which misleadingly label themselves with ‘German Design’, ‘German Technology’ or have chosen Germanic names. This creates a false impression that these instruments have been produced in Germany, which can be confusing for customers, as in most cases these copycat products originate from outside the country. As a result the German Piano Manufacturers Association (BVK) and the German Chamber Network of Commerce have developed a certificate for manufacturers to use so that customers can easily identify products that are genuinely produced in Germany. There is a strict criteria for manufacturers to meet which then results in ‘Made in Germany’ certification. This certificate is then verified every two years to ensure these standards are consistently maintained. This certificate allows potential customers the reassurance that they are investing in a piano which truly encapsulates the prestige of a German product. Schimmel is proud to be one of the few manufacturers who have received the ‘Made in Germany’ certification for their pianos – a product that was and still is made in Braunschweig | Germany.
    In the Schimmel workshop in Braunschweig, instruments of excellent quality are manufactured on the basis of consummate ability and passion. This is also where the most frequently played German-made grand and upright pianos are produced, as Schimmel has made the most substantial contribution to pianos made in Germany during more than 125-year-old tradition. Braunschweig is also the home of our employees and their families. It is their artisan skills and attention to detail which have developed over the decades to form the foundations for the manufacture of state-of-the-art grand and upright pianos providing numerous years of pleasure in music-making. It is this close association with the location of Braunschweig and the guarantee that each individual instrument is created with the greatest care to the highest standards of craftsmanship which we are proudly documenting.

  • Piano manufacturing is also an outstanding European heritage. In view to the European Union, ‘Made in Europe’ is the logic expansion of the slogan ‘made in Germany’. The German Piano Manufacturer Association (Bundesverband Klavier e.V.) offers to all German based piano manufacturers a full membership and to all other European based piano manufacturers an associated membership. In both cases, the Association stands for highest standards of quality and reliability of the products of its members, reflecting the traditions and high standards in manufacturing of their members. The high standards of the German Piano Manufacturer Association is expressed by its signet, which symbolizes the origin of the pianos. Brands, which are allowed to use this protected signet underlie a certification by the German Piano Manufacturer Association based on strict criteria ‘Wilhelm’ pianos are based on the contemporary and innovative Schimmel designs and manufactured in a Schimmel-owned facility in Europe. As a result, ‘Wilhelm’ has received the certification ‘made in Europe’ of the German Piano Manufacturer Association (BVK).