• The Dampp-Chaser Piano-Life-Saver system has proved to be a most effective climate control system for grand and upright pianos, especially in situations where it is otherwise difficult to maintain a uniform degree of humidity throughout all four seasons. The system is installed underneath the soundboard and behind the keyboard and action in grands, and in front of the soundboard and below the keyboard in uprights. Continuous alternating dehumidifying and humidifying mechanisms help to minimize wide fluctuations in relative humidity that would otherwise have an adverse effect on the sensitive areas of the piano (soundboard, keyboard, action) and reduce the playability, and tuning stability.

    The “Humidistat” is the brain of the system which senses whether the wooden parts of your piano are too moist or too dry and automatically switches the system to function as a “dehumidifier” or “humidifier” to protect your piano from damage caused by changes in humidity. The “dehumidifier” averts moisture from your piano through warm air currents and the “humidifier” moisturizes the dry wood of your piano when the humidity drops. As a rule, the continuous operation of a correctly installed system ensures an ideal relative humidity range for the instrument, regardless of fluctuations in room climate. For more detailed information consult your dealer or www.dampp-chaser.com.

    Neither Schimmel, its agents, successors and assigns, nor its authorized dealers, their successors and assigns, is, are or shall be in any way responsible for any damage to the piano of any kind whatsoever, direct or consequential, caused by or resulting from frequent fluctuations of relative humidity beyond comfortable levels as described or from longer lasting extremes of too high or too low relative humidity.