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Schimmel would like to inform the visitors to our website that we reserve the right to undertake changes in the design, appearance, manufacture and construction of our instruments at any time without the obligation to update the relevant information on our website: this can result in a temporary discrepancy in information provided on the individual web pages. This also includes alterations, modifications and extensions to specifications (wood types, colours and finishes) of available models as described on our web pages. Schimmel or its authorized dealers cannot undertake legal responsibility for compensation claims, alterations to or replacements for already delivered instruments relating to these changes or any discrepancies in illustrations and/or descriptions.

Illustrations and descriptions can only represent an approximation of the actual models produced. Deviations in the depiction of colour tones and wood structures are possible due to the nature of wooden materials and the form of the internet medium.


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All rights reserved. All copyrights and rights of use for texts and images on this website are held by Schimmel. The utilization of texts and images from this website, including extracts or in a form used for purposes other than intended, is not permitted and is subject to a specific contrary written agreement with Schimmel.

Schimmel undertakes no guarantee for the accuracy, completeness and topicality of the information contained on this website. The information contained on this website was compiled by Schimmel to the best of the firm’s knowledge and verified for its accuracy. Schimmel undertakes no liability for damages resulting from the utilization of the information, provided that no demonstrably wilful or gross negligence can be established on the part of Schimmel.

Schimmel retains the specific right to alter, supplement or delete all or parts of the contents of this website or to discontinue its publication/distribution, either temporarily or finally.


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