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The urge to play the keys at any time of the day or night becomes reality with our twintone system. The Schimmel twintone system allows the acoustic piano to be set to silent and simply played digitally via headphones. This way, you combine the advantages of a traditional acoustic piano with those of a digital piano.

twintone lautlos musizieren Gesamtbild weiß

accoustic or silent playing mode

During normal acoustic piano playing, it is possible to enjoy the full tonal qualities of the instrument, with its richness of tonal colouring and dynamic range. The acoustic sound is essential for training your ear and supporting your musicality. Furthermore, you will be able to activate the silent playing feature to play your piano whenever you would like to play just for yourself. In quiet mode, the hammerheads are “intercepted” before they make contact with the strings of the instrument. Optical sensors precisely transform all movements of the keys into MIDI data, which is transferred to the integrated twintone system. This in turn generates the piano sounds so that they can be heard via headphones. As a further benefit, you will be able to control external MIDI compatible devices through twintone.

Schimmel Quiet Function

With common silent systems in the market, the so called hammer let off must be adjusted to avoid that the action does not block when played with activated stop rail. This causes a slight different touch compared to an instrument without a silent system. (picture a)

To switch our instruments into quiet-mode, we developed an exceptionally stable stop rail that functions in a quiet and precise way. For our upright pianos, the extreme high stability of the stop rail requires only a minimum of adjustment of the regulation. Because of that the „original“ natural touch remains almost the same as that of our upright pianos with activated stop rail.

With our grand piano twintone system, we have developed a modified grand piano action that works similar to a grand piano action without a twintone system and therefore you do not have to compromise. With activating the twintone function, also the leverages in the action are changing simultaniously. As a result, the touch stays similar to a grand piano without twintone system.

(picture b and c)

Hammerkopf Saite Darstellung a Kopie
picture a
Hammerkopf Saite Darstellung b Kopie
picture b
Hammerkopf Saite Darstellung c Kopie
picture c
Stummschaltung Pedale twintone Auslösung Klavier
The acoustic silencing function is operated by the middle pedal.
Stummschaltung Handhebel twintone Auslösung Flügel
To activate the silencing function on grand pianos turn the hand rail under the left side of the keybord from left position counterclockwise towards the piano player.
twintone kopfhoerer weiß

audio-technica headphones

twintone is supplemented by audio-technica headphones, which fully support the pleasure of listening to our high-quality samples. We searched for suitable headphones for a long time. The audio-technica headphones we finally selected work particularly well with acoustic piano sounds and reproduce them naturally, they are comfortable to wear and incidentally look stylish as well. We specifically chose closed headphones, because they mute external noises and provide a private and intimate atmosphere while playing. The membrane is energized by a strong neodymium magnet, one of the strongest yet known. As a result we have a clear projection and stereoscopic picture with a concise bass and a precise resolution in the treble. The frequency response ranges from 15 to 28,000 Hz, which is far more than the human ear is capable of hearing, ensuring no detail is lost. Also, we chose a moderate sound level of 99 dB.

classical touch and feel

Playing a traditional piano action provides you with the best conditions to develop your touch and perfect it in a way that allows you to fully exploit the dynamics of an acoustic piano. This is to ensure that you will be able to express yourself musically without limitations. Our Schimmel piano actions have been specifically developed and offer you an infinite variety, which allows you to musically articulate your piano playing. In comparison with a conventional digital piano, the Schimmel twintone™ system preserves the advantages of a natural playing touch, which in quiet mode remain unchanged.

Schimmel Sample K230 & K122

Our unique Schimmel piano sound is highly complex with an outstanding richness of tone colours. Furthermore, each of our different models has its own „tonal character“. For our piano samples we have chosen two models which are particularly representative for the wide range of models Schimmel offers: our concert grand piano model K 230 and the concert upright piano model K 122. We recorded those samples in our own concert hall at the factory. Acoustically it has been designed specifically to the requirements for acoustic piano sounds. With hard work, determination and using the latest technology we ensured we achieved a natural piano sound which comes as close as possible to the original.

twintone nachruesten Steuereinheit weiß

ex-factory or upgrading your selected Schimmel piano

You can choose between a factory fitted twintone or an installation into the new piano you choose at an authorized Schimmel dealer who has been certified for twintone installation This gives you the opportunity to select a specific piano without twintone and have it equipped with twintone before delivery.

For all Schimmel and Wilhelm grand pianos, we only offer the Schimmel twintone on order for new factory deliveries, since the system has to be installed in the production process. For Fridolin grand pianos twintone can not be installed.

simple handling - optically discreet

You control our twintone system by the comfortable use of a touchscreen, which is situated directly underneath the keys. By pulling out and pushing back you get access or store it neatly underneath the keys after usage. The most important interfaces are situated clearly on the front of the operating unit, further interfaces can be found to the rear. We consciously chose to develop an easy-to-use interface. You are guided as intuitively as possible through the various functions via touchscreen.

twintone bedienbarkeit Steuereinheit weiß

effects, sounds and violin effects

As beautiful as our piano sound is, sometimes it is exciting to try out other sounds or to listen to a composition with its originally destined tone character. For this reason, you may choose between the sounds of an e-piano, a harpsichord, an organ or violins. Besides of that, you may create a violin sound layer which will accompany your piano playing.


Audio interfaces open the possibilities of audio technology, e.g. Music Minus One, recording and playing own pieces or for connecting the unit to active speakers.

twintone MIDI vorschau


A standard MIDI interface provides access to the entire world of music electronics. twintone enables you to use the piano keyboard as a master keyboard to generate further sounds via external devices like computers, tablets or smartphones, or to record your piano playing and use sheet music software.

adjusting the sound dynamics individually

The touch and sound dynamics of our acoustic pianos are ideally matched. Similarly, we also defined the dynamics of our samples. However, in addition twintone offers the possibility to adjust sound dynamics individually, so that in twintone mode you may decide on the dynamics according to your particular needs. Simply press „reset“ if you would like to go back to the original settings, which are ideal for most purposes.

twintone klangdynamik Steuereinheit

recording on microSD-card

You may record your piano playing for playback reasons on a microSD-card via an integrated microSD-card slot and listen to it on headphones or use it for external editing and/or saving.

integrated metronome

Practising in the twintone mode does not mean that you have to forgo a metronome as it is already integrated into the system.

twintone Zubehör

Made in Germany

We deliberately commissioned German manufacturers for the production of our quiet playing system in order to ensure a closely integrated relationship during development. Also ensuring manufacturing of the very highest quality.



available in the colours

black and white

twintone schwarz Steuerung

SCHIMMEL twintone features at a glance



88 keys


integrated touchscreen


center pedal on the piano

hand rail on grand piano

Piano – Sample

K 230 : high-quality sample of the Schimmel Konzert grand piano K230

K 122 : high-quality sample of the Schimmel Konzert upright piano K 122

Additional sounds

3 x electric piano | 1 x harpsichord | 3 x organ | 2 x strings


strings can be combined with piano sounds

Recording function

integrated recording function, storage on microSD card


max 256 (mono)


4 storage places for individual settings, storage security

Energy consumption

Energy consumption display brightness, energy-saving mode (eco-mode)


optical sensors underneath the keys


Piano: left Una Corda pedal, right Sustaining pedal

Grand piano: left Una Corda pedal, middle Sostenuto pedal, right Sustaining pedal

Sound variation


MIDI out

compatible with external MIDI-devices via DIN 5-interface


reverb, chorus, dynamics, equalizer, loudness of combined strings, damper characteristics

Volume control

adjustable volume limitation (e.g. for protecting children from high volume)

Quick and fine-tuning

adjustable (cent and Hz)


timing, tempo, bell, volume


MIDI out

DIN-5 adapter





Headphone terminals

3,5 mm stereo jack


3,5 mm stereo jack


3,5 mm stereo jack


for service purposes only


stereo headphones audio-technica, power supply 100-240 V, MIDI adapter, user manual

For more information, simply download our twintone brochure in the download area:

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