In the physical sense, black denotes the absolute absence of a visual stimulus. It is the ultimate absence of color and light.

In art, however, black becomes a stimulating ambivalence, a sophisticated seduction and unfolds temperament and strength in the field of tension between light and shadow.

We have captured this magic of "black" in our art collection model "Black Pearl".

Our latest innovation, an innovative black matte piano finish, bathes the entire grand piano in an elegant black, creating a velvety soft and harmonious instrument. The silver shiny fittings stand in contrast to the matte black surface, which creates a special tension and sets inspiring accents. The entire noble design with its velvety soft appearance reminds us of a rare black pearl, also called Tahitian pearl. Which is why we gave this art collection grand piano the name "Black Pearl".
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Product information

Model seriesC 169
ModelBlack Pearl
Length (cm | inch)169 | 67″
Height (cm | inch)102 | 40″
Width (cm | inch)154 | 61″
Weight (kg | lbs)338 | 745 
FinishEbony super matt
Country of originBraunschweig, Germany
Standard hardwareChrome gloss
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