White Ebony

Desirably rare,

fantastically unique

The White Ebony or also known as "Royal Ebony" veneer found in Indochina is only found in limited occurrence and rarely in large dimensions. All the more fantastic is its striking and unique pattern.

Its very individual black and white pattern, which differs from trunk to trunk, ranges from very yellowish-white to very black. A particularly sought-after veneer due to its unique pattern and technical characteristics.

Product information

Model series C 169
Model Royal Wood White Ebony
Length (cm | inch) 169 | 67″
Height (cm | inch) 102 | 40″
Width (cm | inch) 154 | 61″
Weight (kg | lbs) 338 | 745
Finish White Ebony
Manufacturer Wilhelm Schimmel Pianofortefabrik GmbH
Country of origin Braunschweig | Germany
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