F 116 Tradition




Like all Fridolin pianos, the smallest model is based on a long-established original Schimmel construction.

The experience of Schimmel, as the inventor of the so-called “small upright piano”, is particularly beneficial to this model. Despite its low height, it has an enormous sound power and can easily be compared with larger pianos.

Product information

Design Concept

Classic Konzept (Fridolin): Dieses Design wurde ursprünglich von Arno Wilhelm Schimmel in den 1930er Jahren entwickelt, mit der Idee, eine neue Kategorie von Klavieren zu bauen. Das Tonvolumen der großrahmigen Konstruktionen sollte erhalten bleiben, aber das Erscheinungsbild sollte wesentlich graziler werden. Die Konstruktionsidee war damals revolutionär und wurde mehrfach patentiert. Durch den Erfolg dieser innovativen Idee entwickelte sich Schimmel schnell zum größten deutschen Klavierhersteller. Die Konstruktion wurde kontinuierlich verbessert und mithilfe der im Jahr 1980 selbst entwickelten Computersoftware CAPE perfektioniert. Das Ergebnis sind zeitlose Instrumente in Klang und Spielgefühl.
These designs are carefully simplyfied in detail ,material and manufacturing process compared with the Classic designs, still remaining the main characteristics.

High performance hammer head

Our hammer heads are made from highly elastic merino felt with high flexibility and low damping properties. The felt is made from the highest quality merino wool in a traditional fulling process in Germany. For the hammer cores, we use hardwoods in combination with tension-regulating under felts. The result is a great richness of tone colours in the different dynamic levels, as well as long-lasting tones due to low damping effect on the strings (short contact period due to highly elastic felt).

Dynamic soundbar

The "Dynamic Sound Bar" is clamped to the soundboard during the production of the soundboard. This regulates the flow of energy in the soundboard when playing at different volumes, thus ensuring a wider range of sound characteristics depending on the attack and volume. This is what we call high tonal dynamics. Depending on the size and shape of the soundboard, we use either one or two dynamic sound bars to achieve the best possible result. (see table)

Multilayered pin block

We use pin blocks made of thin hardwood layers so that the instrument keeps its pitch optimally and is easy to tune. These pin blocks were developed by Schimmel in the 1950s as so-called "tropical climate resistant" pin blocks and have proven themselves over the decades.

Extended manufacturer warranty

Schimmel offers an extended manufacturer's warranty through its network of appointed dealers. Because we trust and stand by the quality of our instruments.

CAPE - Designed by Schimmel

As early as the 1980s, Schimmel worked with computers to improve the design of its instruments, making the company a pioneer in the piano industry. Since then, the use of computers for research and development has been constantly further developed and today, under the name CAPE (Computer Assisted Piano Engineering), it represents a unique and all-encompassing software solution into which decades of development work and research results have contributed. On this basis, new ideas and designs are constantly being created that set standards in the industry.
On this basis, the use of CNC machines for the production of precision parts has been promoted since the 1990s. These are then added to our instruments exclusively by hand and are a prerequisite for achieving the highest quality.

Environment standards

Environmental protection and sustainability have been part of the company philosophy at Schimmel since the company was founded in 1885. This starts with the quality of our instruments. With a Schimmel instrument, you are purchasing a durable product that will be used for many years, often for generations. Which industry can say that it repeatedly receives requests for spare parts for its products that are more than 100 years old? Durability conserves resources. In addition, we manufacture our instruments from predominantly renewable raw materials - domestic wood from certified forestry and wool - and our cast iron plates are made in an elaborate process from recycled scrap metal. Wood leftovers and shavings from production are used to heat production in winter, and we generate solar power on the roof of the factory. Biofilters and a modern heating system complete our production. And of course, we produce according to high German environmental standards. This is true not only in our manufactory in Braunschweig | Germany, but also in Kalisz | Poland. In China, the production of our Fridolin instruments is environmentally certified according to ISO 14001 to ensure our high standards of environmental protection and sustainability here as well.

Model series F 116
Model Tradition
Height (cm | inch) 116 | 46″
Width (cm | inch) 148 | 58″
Depth (cm | inch) 59 | 23″
Weight (kg | lbs) 230 | 507
Finish Ebony high gloss | White high gloss
Standard hardware Brass
Optional hardware to order Ebony high gloss also with chrome gloss
Manufacturer Guangzhou Pearl River Kayserburg Piano Co., Ltd.
Country of origin Guangzhou | China
Action Schimmel action
KeyboardProduction Guangzhou
Keyboard coatingPolymethyolmethacrylat / Bakelite
Number of keys88
Approx. keybed height from floor to underside keybed / keytop (mm)639 | 724
PedalsPiano Pedal (left) | Moderator/twintone (middle) | Tone control (right)
Installation of self player possibleno
Installation twin tone ex works | retrofit at dealers workshop*
(* since manufacturing year 2019)
yes | yes
Steel strings high performance spring steel with precise partial tone developmentHigh-performance steel by Pitthan | Germany
Bass stringsexclusively made for Schimmel
Box frame construction with solid hard wood liners inlaid in mountain grown spruce.
Combines high stability against bending forces with high energy reflection
Three-dimensional crowned and tension loaded soundboardParallel ground
Dynamic soundbar
for definition see product details
Bridge: solid beech capped by 5 layers of maple wood crosswise gluedstandard bridge
Cast iron made traditionallyyes
Piano lid designhorizontal and vertical
Glider/castor as standard (exchange to glider / castor is possible upon request)Castors
Soft close fallboard standardno
High gloss finishes are made of premium piano lacquer by layering process and hand polishedyes
Manufactured according to following standardsISO 14001
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