Nikolaus Wilhelm Schimmel Edition



On the foundation of over 50 years experience, Nikolaus Wilhelm Schimmel created a particularly noble special edition grand piano in cooperation with a team of Schimmel craftsmen.

The very personal design with the combination of ebony piano varnish, quilted maple and the striking design of the legs underline the distinctiveness of these masterpieces of piano craftsmanship. Nikolaus Wilhelm Schimmel personally developed a slow-fall-system for the lid, and thus underlines his creative personality. The uniqueness of these grand pianos is verified by his signature in the fallboard of the instrument.

Product information

Model series K 219 | K 195 | K 175 | C 213 | C 189 | C 169 | W 206 | W 180
Model Nikolaus Wilhelm Schimmel Edition
Height (cm | inch) depends on the series
Width (cm | inch) depends on the series
Depth (cm | inch) depends on the series
Weight (kg | lbs) depends on the series
Finish Ebony high gloss
Country of origin Braunschweig (Konzert | Classic) | Poland (Wilhelm)
Standard hardware Brass
Optional hardware to order Chrome matte | Chrome gloss
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