Royal Intarsie Oval


intarsia inlay work

It is little things which characterize the beauty of this Masterpiece, but perfection is anything but trivial itself. Specialists invest a great deal of time and utilize their entire range of skills for the carving of the wood inlays - each one an artistic jewel in itself.

With great technical skill, miniature art works are created with the aid of a scalpel and the precision of a surgeon. This work requires patience and also excellent judgement of proportion and colour. The result: instruments for aficionados, such as the Masterpiece Royal Intarsie Oval.

Product information

Model seriesK 219 | K 195 | K 175 | C 213 | C 189 | C 169 | W 206 | W 180
ModelRoyal Intarsie Oval
Height (cm | inch)depends on the series
Width (cm | inch)depends on the series
Depth (cm | inch)depends on the series
Weight (kg | lbs)depends on the series
FinishBubinga high gloss
Country of originBraunschweig (Konzert | Classic) | Poland (Wilhelm)
Standard hardwareBrass
Optional hardware to orderChrome matte | Chrome gloss
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