Tradition Intarsie Vase

the splendor

of the antique

For this expressive motif we were inspired by the vestige art of Greek Antique. Our craftsmen interpreted this style in their own way.

The vase motif made of maple wood, imbedded in an oval piece of exclusive Macassar wood. The vase is framed by wild Bubinga wood and clear structured mahogany in contrast. Fine inlaid lines down the legs stress out the overall strict appearance of the instrument.

Product information

Model series K 219 | K 195 | K 175 | C 213 | C 189 | C 169 | W 206 | W 180
Model Tradition Intarsie Vase
Height (cm | inch) depends on the series
Width (cm | inch) depends on the series
Depth (cm | inch) depends on the series
Weight (kg | lbs) depends on the series
Finish Mahogany high gloss
Country of origin Braunschweig (Konzert | Classic) | Poland (Wilhelm)
Standard hardware Brass
Optional hardware to order Chrome matte | Chrome gloss
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